• Is this site legit?

    Yes! Flame has paid out over $60,000+ in gift cards! We connect users to Ad Providers and offer a simple way to withdraw earnings.

    Youtube Reviews

    Want to learn more about the site? Watch youtubers go through how the site works.

  • Will I get banned in roblox for using this?

    No. We pay out in gift cards which is not against TOS. It's the same as walking into Walmart and buying a gift card except with Flame.gg it's free.

  • Why didn't I get my reward for completing an offer?

    Some offers can take up to an hour to process. If you still haven't received your reward after 24 hours, try contacting the Ad Provider's support team. Also the ad providers pay you the points, not us, so you'll need to contact the support team of the ad wall in order to receive missing points.

    Also, make sure you followed the requirements it tells you. If you haven't met the requirements of the offer, you will not receive the points unless you complete the requirements completely


    You are rewarded points after watching 3 ads. Not every video will play an ad so you may have to watch 3 - 7 videos before actually watching 3 ads. You must watch videos by clicking the brown 'Smores.tv' video buttons in the Videos tab in order to be automatically rewarded points on Flame.gg.

    App Offers

    When doing app offers, only do app offers if you've never downloaded the app before. If you've downloaded the app before in the past, you will not receive the points. Also make sure to leave the app opened long enough so that the offer can detect your completion.

  • What's the best way to earn points?

    Using the website on your phone unlocks app-install challenges. These offers are the easiest way to earn money fast. You just need to download each app from the App Store! If you want easy points, try the videos tab! With the videos tab, you can earn points while doing nothing!

  • How long does it take to get a robux gift card?

    This depends upon what country you are located in. Available offers vary according to your country, which means that some countries may display better offers than others. Users have reported taking as quick as an hour to get enough for a robux gift card. However, it takes around 2 - 7 days for most users.

  • Does Flame.gg make money?

    Ad Providers pay Flame to bring users to their offer forms. We take a small cut of this reward and send the rest to you!